Picture of the Dannysound Timbre module which has the same layout as the MML Filter module. It has a 6 HP anodized grey metal panel with blue print. From the top going from left to right it has a trimmer pot for oscillator 1 / oscillator 2 mix and an output socket. Underneath are 2 sockets for oscillator 1 input and oscillator 2 input. Below that is a skirted black Rogan knob for timbre wave-fold amount in the centre with an un-skirted knob to lower left for CV amount and a socket to lower right for CV input. Under that are 2 controls for Symmetry and blend amount with LED indicators and jack socket inputs.

The updated version of the Timbre has a completely re-designed control section and much slimmer "skiff friendly" depth, plus LED indication for wave fold amount!

The Timbre is a 6HP Eurorack module based on the wave folder section of the Buchla 259 oscillator as implemented in the Music Easel. The wave folder adds extra harmonics to input signals that have low harmonic content to create rich and interesting timbres. Typical input sources to use would be Sine and Triangle waves but you are welcome to try other sources as well! The Dannysound Timbre adds an extra input to the Buchla design  to allow 2 oscillators to drive the wave-folder simultaneously – this dramatically increases the range of possible tones that can be generated and allows the folder to go wild!

The new design features a much more stable control section that makes it much easier and simpler to match the sound and response between different modules with only one trimmer for calibration.

Buchla 259 inspired waveshaper, the perfect module to put in-between your Dannysound Cali and EN129 oscillators!

· Osc1 / Osc2 Mix – Adjusts mix between oscillator 1 and 2 inputs, also acts as an attenuator if only one of the inputs is used.

· Timbre Control – Adjusts the overall wave fold amount.

· Timbre CV – Bipolar (attenuverter) controls the Timbre CV input.

· Symmetry – Adds an offset to the input so the top half of the wave starts folding earlier.

· Blend – Mixes between the clean and effected sound.

6 HP

+12V = 46mA

-12V = 48mA

PREVIOUS VERSION build documents


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