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Fully assembled modules are now available to buy from:
SchneidersLaden GmbH based in the EU

Signal Sounds based in the UKPerfect Circuit based in the US

Most of the modules are now available as "skiff friendly" designs that include improved circuitry as well as some new features!

The Dannysound range of Eurorack modules feature high quality components and construction.
Each assembled module has been tested and calibrated to ensure perfect operation and sound quality.

Continuing the range of assembled modules, the Looping VC-ADSR, Timbre, Dynamics plus VU Meters and Multi-Mode Ladder Filter are now available as well as the Cali and EN129 oscillators.

The updated version of the Looping VC-ADSR is now available as an assembled module. This version includes the ability to select Exponential or Linear response slopes, Gate or Trigger input and includes a Time CV input to control the overall time of the envelope.

The new version of the Multi-Mode Ladder Filter, features bipolar CV attenuverters and an all new RED MODE!
This mode adds a wild feedback distortion capable of altering the pitch of the input audio to produce some crazy, glitchy, filthy variations to acid basslines or drones for some truly weird sonic experimentation!

The Timbre has a whole new control circuit that allows much better matching between modules and more even fold points of the waveform. The design now includes an LED indicator for the wave fold amount as well as a much slimmer skiff friendly layout.

The Dynamics also comes in a new skiff friendly layout with an additional internal switch to select between modular or line level signals.

The Cali features a touch sensitive wave shape switch that was also present on the earlier through hole kit designs but has now been enhanced so it reacts a bit more to body contact. Here you can see a demonstration video showing these improvements and some of the unique sounds that can be generated with the Cali Oscillator.

The EN129 has a phase or soft sync input that can produce some really interesting sounds when driven from another oscillator. Here you can see a demonstration video for the soft sync input and how it sounds.

Assembled modules available at SchneidersLaden GmbH

Signal Sounds

Perfect Circuit

Midi Amsterdam

DIY Kits available at and at

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