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New modules are coming soon and the first of them is the Dynamics compressor / expander and the VU Meters pictured above.

The Dynamics features a fast acting feed forward envelope detector, discrete differential VCA core, sub bass enhancer with boost switch, wet / dry mix control, 3 band inductor based EQ, harmonic exciter with switchable bandwidth, bypass button for A/B comparison, connections for envelope in/out and sidechain input, as well as a separate input and output for the compressor / expander and EQ sections.

The VU Meters connect internally to 2 x Dynamics and provide a visual reference for the compressor / expander output level, the input signal level or the compression / expansion amount. The sensitivity of the meters can be set to high or low or in the event you get bored looking at the needles moving, they can also be turned off.

DIY Kits available at Thonk.co.uk and at Exploding-Shed.com

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